"A Revolutionary way to treat TFCC tears"

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JPdestro WristWidget Review

Como sanarte de lesiones rapido? Review y sorteo Wrist Widget

Renee Chuljian

Can't believe the color match! Cassie was thrilled!Oh, and we won the match tonight!

Dylan Goodwin

I wanted to thank you so much for sending the two WristWidgets, they arrived perfectly in time before my journey to arizona...

Christopher Gloria - Sweden

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! for inventing this amazing product....

Humza Qazi

the wrist widget has aided me to recovery for my TFCC injury. I am so happy, thank you ever so much...

Brad DePape

The WristWidget has to be one of the greatest modern-day inventions!!

You have really made a big difference to us

..is now doing his daily activities without any pain.
You have really made a big difference to us....


I used one after a distal radius fracture,   I think your widget is genius.


I can play other sports again, I can actually hold a pan with food in it again and it doesn't affect my wrists as much as before....

Mangesh Khopkar

My pain was gone completely and I started doing regular workouts, playing cricket....